2024 new design street light aluminum housing

Specification and Dimension

Artikl br.Veličina kućišta (mm)Match Power Dodaci 
EK-LD14 (mini)520*200*100 (2,4 kg)30-60W                        (Lamp post 50mm)
 EK-LD14 (SS)620*272*108 (3,7 kg)60-80W                                 ( lamp post 50mm)Aluminijumsko kućište, kaljeno staklo, gumeni prsten, vijci.


  EK-LD14 (S)720*271*108 (4,5 kg)120-150W                             ( lamp post 60mm)
 EK-LD14 (M)750*333*115 (5,7 kg)160W-180W                             (lamp post 60mm)
 EK-LD14 (L)850*333*115 (7,7 kg)


200w-240w                               (lamp post 60mm)

Lighting Display

Lighting protection module protects lamps from over voltage.

 Large angle opening and closing design.

 Buckle shrapnel switch design, which can be operated with bare hands without tools and convenient for installation equipment maintenance, saves labor costs.

Installation method, the luminaire adopts horizontal and vertical installation, supports angle adjustment which can be adjusted according to different lighting environment to meet different lighting needs.


China Customized LED Street Light Housing Manufacturer

EKI is one of the most professional Kućište LED ulične rasvjete manufacturers in China, supporting customized service with competitive price,

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